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Slashing Electricity Bills for Cold Warehouses

Do you operate a cold warehouse?


Entarctic can save you up to 30% on your electricity bill while improving your temperature stability.


Low upfront costs. No disruptions.  

Today, You Pay Way Too Much For Your Electricity.

Every year, cold warehouses spend between S$10 - S$25 per m3 on their electricity.

Electric bill charges paper form on the table.jpg
Image by Adi Goldstein
Changes That.

We'll be in touch!

Savings Guaranteed

We reduce your electricity bill by up to 30%. See immediate savings.  

Upfront Cost

Subscribe to our solution and pay a fraction of what you save. 

Minimal Disruption

No downtime, no operations changes, no interruptions.

Protect Your

We reduce temperature fluctuations to maximise product quality.


We reduce HVAC system run-time and monitor performance real-time.

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