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Entarctic Meets ENGIE's Group CEO

Entarctic is proud to have hosted ENGIE Group CEO Catherine MacGregor at the ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific office in Singapore last month!

Our Founder and CEO, Leon, had the opportunity to share Entarctic's vision and strategy to decarbonise the cold storage industry, as well as our plans to commercialise and scale across Asia.

The ~US$120 billion global cold storage industry is projected to grow rapidly over the next few years, driven by public sector investments to strengthen food security and improve agricultural livelihoods, and private sector investments to create more resilient, decentralised supply chains.

Much of this growth will be concentrated in Asia, where a burgeoning middle class will demand more temperature-controlled products such as frozen foods and pharmaceuticals. Asia's cold storage infrastructure also lags significantly behind those of more developed markets.

However, these facilities are extremely energy-intensive, with electricity often their second largest cost item. Recent spikes in electricity prices have significantly eroded their profit margins.

Entarctic is excited to partner ENGIE and ENGIE Factory Asia Pacific to bring urgently needed energy efficiency solutions to these facilities to reduce their energy bills and become more sustainable at the same time!


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